Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Morrisons Meal Deals

I have now published some samples of the work i have recently produced for Morrisons.
These samples are scans from daily news papers like the Daily Mirror, Daily Express etc.The images are also used as huge banners in carparks and also on their website. The print quality is never the best in daily news papers, but it still gives you an idea about the setup,lighting and composition.
These are complicated composites: Indian Meal Deal, BBQ Meal Deal and Back to School Meal Deal. photography/morrisons supermarket UK

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

New client - Morrisons

I have now been working for several month for the supermarket chain MORRISONS.
It has been a great challenge, creating complicated composites for various meal deals, either with lifestyle daylight or more enhanced flash lighting. I have also been working on the recipe card section.
They have been great meal deals, and the quality is excellent.
I love MORRISONS family butcher:
Images will be coming soon on my website under foodphotography / supermarkets.