Saturday, 31 July 2010


Footlocker, one of the worlds largest sports fashion retailors with more than 4000 shops around the globe, recently created a interesting guerilla marketing idea.
It was a 'graffiti' based promotion of their sport shoes with some of the main tourist attractions of London in the background.
It has been an exiting day, photographing with tripod, catching all the right moments within the timescale.
View here:
If you would like to see more of their products,campaigns:

Woman's Weekly, Thinner Dinners, low fat recipes

Since a lot of people in the UK tend to eat food with too much saturated fat (about 20% more than recommended by the Government guidelines), Sue McMahon (Food Editor Woman's Weekly) created 6 amazing recipes, with less than 10g of fat per portion.
click here to view:'s%20weekly/page19.htm

You can see their recipes and also videos about recipes and cooking at:

MAN DIESEL & TURBO Colchester Factory Panorama

I am very grateful for this amazing opportunity, working for one of the word leaders in Engine & Marine Systems, Turbomachinery, Power Plants, gensets,two-stroke engines for giant container ships, power units to turnkey diesel power plants, single compressors and turbines.

The main panorama within the Colchester factory was shot from a cherry picker, about 10 meters up in the air. Retouching took many days.
When you view it, its almost like flying in the air.

View here:

I also created a Virtual Tour, but still waiting for it to be published on Man Diesel website.