Thursday, 5 November 2009

Indian Restaurants - SPICE6 - London

Great new, modern indian restaurant: SPICE6 !
Passion for indian food from the famous regions of Hyderabad, Lahore and Peshawar.
The interior is very modern and beautiful lit, great atmoshere.
You can see all the images i have taken on their great website, including food, interior and drinks photography:

Italian Restaurants - BABBO - London

A brand new italian restaurant, just round the corner from the Riz.
This is a very family orientated restarant, Babbo means Daddy!!!!
Their food uses the highest quality organic ingredients, you can also have seabass baked traditionally in saltcrust. And how about a nice bottle of wine, £ 1600?
Its been a great job, since the chef, Douglas Santi, was so amazing. A lot of money has been spend on an amazing traditional interior design.
My work has included the food photography, interior photography, detail shots, exterior and portraits.
Great Restaurant!

Italian Restaurants - LaCaricatura - London/Mayfair

Here now the finished result for La Caricatura:

I was commissioned to create a Virtual Tour Movie and also an 'Electric Menu'.
The VT was for their websites, containing food photography of their menu, interiors and panoramas.
The 'Electric Menu' is a movie presentation designed for display on large HD TV screens in the restaurant and the street windows, so people in the streets and their guests can watch the images of the food and the great ambience and services.

Click here to watch the Virtual Tour:
To find out more about the 'Electric Menu', please click here: