Thursday, 18 June 2009

Panoramas for Conservatives Website

Recent Project for the website of the Hornsey and Wood Green Conservatives:
360 degree Panoramas of Hornsey, Wood Green and Crouch End plus rectilinear panorama from Alexander Palace for website header.
You can view this work on :
I only had one particular day to do this, and it was a cloudy/sunny day, not perfect for panoramas. But with the help of photoshop we achieved great results. lots of time retouching panoramas.
I have also been aproached by police officers on almost all the shots, since i was using a professional tripod on the highstreets, but after explanation of the job, they let me carry on.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

SergiosW1 Italian Restaurant Virtual Tour

SergiosW1 in Great Titchfield street, London, is a great well established Italian restaurant with over 2000 guests per week. Fantastic, high quality food, contemporary and classic Italian, served in large portions. I was full up everytime i have worked there. Nice and quite area to sit outside the restaurant on the weekend.
I have been commissioned to produce food images of their menu, interior photography, 360 degree panoramas and also a full screen virtual tour movie.
A great job !!!
View here :

And have a look at the fullscreen webpresentation on their site: , have your music switched on!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

PLANET HOLLYWOOD - E MENU - Food Photography

I have just finished a 2 day E MENU foodphotography for the new PLANET HOLLYWOOD restaurant in Haymarket, London, to be launched this week.
All images are produced for the E Menu, the table automated ordering service.
I had to be quick and precise, shooting one image almost every 8 minutes. We achieved 92 high quality images for the whole menu. I also spend 2 days retouching, cleaning up the plates and food, adjusting contrast issues, cutouts etc...

Images coming soon on
( I have been too busy recently to update my websites)